What t-shirt are you putting your logo on?


Have you ever purchased a shirt online and when you open the package, you realize that the shirt just feels cheap? That's probably because it is. Most companies are hoping that you'll love the design, fork up the cash and not care that the shirt feels like folded cardboard. 

Whether you're a business wanting to show off your logo or living a t-shirt and jeans lifestyle, the quality of the shirt you use is important. How many people are going to consistently wear an uncomfortable shirt, let alone in public? You may have a great logo, but...

What's in a T-Shirt?

Thanks to our beautiful friend Mandi Borer for being our model way back when we knew even less about who we were and where we were going.

It's simple really, we made a choice when we started TrendyCharlie that we weren't going to take time to create designs, simple or complex and put them on something we wouldn't wear or feel comfortable in. Not all tees are created equal and it's something that most consumers don't notice before they buy a shirt. 

It's fairly common for our customers to send us a message about the quality of our shirts...