What t-shirt are you putting your logo on?

 Tim Perez - Owner TrendyCharlie

Have you ever purchased a shirt online and when you open the package, you realize that the shirt just feels cheap? That's probably because it is. Most companies are hoping that you'll love the design, fork up the cash and not care that the shirt feels like folded cardboard. 

Whether you're a business wanting to show off your logo or living a t-shirt and jeans lifestyle, the quality of the shirt you use is important. How many people are going to consistently wear an uncomfortable shirt, let alone in public? You may have a great logo, but if they don't like putting it on, nobody will see it outside of the closet. The same goes for the t-shirt aficionado, comfort is king. The design can be amazing, but if it doesn't fit, you must acquit ..... that shirt... and release it back into the wild.. or make something cool out of it #reducereuserecycle!

It's not the shirts fault its itchy! 

The other mystery is the price. Although most nicer quality shirts are more expensive than your cheapest tee, it's a common misconception that a nicer shirt means a crazy high price. There are a ton of great companies making high quality shirts to put your logo on and the quality and value that you get in return far outweigh the difference in price.


 The problem with selecting the right shirt, especially from an online shop is that you have to take them at their word. On the other hand, It's not always easy to walk into a stinky print shop and ask to see a product. We make it easy at TrendyCharlie, we're t-shirt freaks! Our samples and our brand are in the front of our retail store and right next to each other. You can feel the materials, compare prices and see the process. You'll know what you're getting and be happy with the result. 


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